Welcome to ETHOS, the largest student festival at Ahmedabad University!

As the scorching sun abates, the fun at Ahmedabad University just begins with ETHOS! From events that bring out your inner Shashi Tharoor, workshops that bring out your inner detective, to a spectacular celebrity evening, a city-wide marathon, a cultural night and a lot more, ETHOS will keep you wanting more. It is more than a fest, it is an opportunity in disguise. An opportunity you definitely cannot let go of, for you might as well let go of an action-packed, adventurous, and spellbinding experience. And oh, did we talk about the hefty prizes? Now the question is, are you ready to grab this opportunity and have the best days of your university life?

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Registration Fees
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Dhoom: Includes all events on Day 1 (15th October) including breakfast with Marathon.
Dhadaka: Includes all events on Day 2 (16th October)
Dhamaka: Includes all events on both days (15th and 16th October): Rs 499
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  Deceits Receipt
  Escape Room
  Sham Mastani
  Amdawad Safarnama
  The Millennial Charcha
  Fast and Curious

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